Oct. 2, 2018

The stated purpose of our trip was to attend the International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences (as we do every two years...)

So after breakfast, we left the hotel and went across to the Hotel d'Ville/Town Hall to greet some of our friends, show up at registration and pick up our badges.

The lobby of the d'Ville is home to Les Geants d'Arras - They were originally made of wicker and made their debut at Carnivale in 1891, unfortunately they were destroyed by German bombing in WWII in 1940.  The Town Council decided to have new ones made in 1980 and, while their main venue is the Arras Festival, they often are brought out during other holidays as well.

Colas and his wife, Jacqueline
the one on the right is Colas' son, Dede
it appears they have added a giant herald (left)
There were a few other things to see as well -

We then went off to lunch with a few friends and returned to the Town Hall for the opening ceremony of the Congress.  
someone on FB got a great shot from the back of the room
you can see Dave's braid on the bottom left with me to his left
no, he's not sleeping, he's looking at the program in his lap...

It was in the central hall upstairs, which contains a huge mural of what medieval life was like (looks a little clean to me, and thank Heaven there is no smell-a-vision...).

Well, it gave us something to look at during all the long speeches!  The room also had a couple of architectural details, as well -

It was late afternoon when it broke up, so another group of us went to dinner and visited before we all went back to our hotels...

The French flag on the front of the building
Next up, another day of the Congress -


Oct. 1, 2018 (7)

Wow, seven posts just to get through the first day - no wonder I put off blogging it for so long!

Dave continued his walkabout in the Northeast/Southeast area from Place des Heroes -
obviously a more Deco area of the city -

Inscribed below (under the hat) is Chapelier (Hatmaker)
we saw this type of grill-work often - a popular pattern in the city

 Dave arrived back at the hotel in time for us to go eat dinner - we ended up at Au Bureau, which became our favorite restaurant on the square -
Next up - Day 2


Oct. 1, 2018 (6)

This entire section of Arras was heavily bombed in WWI; therefore, everything was rebuilt in the 1920s.  Buildings of historical significant were rebuilt with no modern changes to the facades; other buildings were heavily influenced by the times...

I have no idea where this building is or what it's original function was - but my guess it was medical-related...my research turned up no info on this particular building...

Next up - the remainder of the day..