Happy New Year's Eve..

For the first time in a long time, last New Year's I made the resolutions to not buy any fabric in 2015 and to finally open my Etsy shop.

Unless I loose my mind (further) here shortly and go over to equilter.com, then I have made it through the year regarding fabric - okay, Dave did buy some fabric for me but it was for unplanned special projects and since I didn't buy it, then I'm choosing to sort of ignore it - because I had more than ample opportunity to stock up all year long (I'm talking major sales here, people), I'm looking at the bigger picture and giving myself credit for the restraint.

My Etsy shop was opened in the Fall and I have already had one sale (to a complete stranger, not even family or anything, who left me a wonderful review) - and, since I've done no further marketing other than what Etsy itself provides, then I'm marking that resolution done as well.

Not bad:  1.99 out of 2

I have plenty to finish up in 2016, some for the shop and some for charity, so I should be busy enough without much shopping (I think grey thread is in my future...), so maybe my resolution for 2016 will be "Restrained Shopping" rather than an all-out boycott.

As for New Year's Eve, this year we are keeping it nice and quiet and making a wish that 2016 is an undramatic year that brings joy and blessings to all we know and love.
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I love that we get together this time of year!

Brunch with fellow fiber artists -

and Lunch with former co-workers -
and there are a few more gatherings in the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime, Mr. Raider is keeping Himself comfy!


Deborah's Art

What fun yesterday!  We drove up to Carrollton and went to the reception for my friend Deborah Boschert's art show.  It was wonderful seeing her work all in the same venue.
I have to say I wasn't happy with my phone's performance as a camera this time around...the pics are ok, but next time I'm taking my camera as the pixels were only at 72.
The venue was wonderful and Deborah was, as ever, a gracious hostess.

Carol got a great shot of a group creating a dress code (not really, it was just coincidence and the season...) - I grabbed it off Facebook to share here on my blog (Thanks, Carol!)
I'm pretty sure the "official" group photo ended up on Deborah's phone - we were too busy goofing around when Dave took these...I managed to crop the sections that were in focus...
It was nice seeing friends and laughing a lot...we hope to get together for art play dates after the first of the year!
To see more of Deborah's work, visit her at her website.



I don't like malls - with one exception, Northpark.  Since I moved to Dallas in the 1980s, I have always liked this mall.  It has, of course, now become a huge, sprawling commercial venture - so huge that I have to have a reason to go there - especially during December.

But a friend of mine lives 30 minutes North of it, and I live 30 minutes South, so it's a good place to meet.  Not only for the great selection of restaurants it now houses, but seeing the art is as good as going to one of the museums. That, of course, is because the Nashers purchased and/or sponsored almost all of it.

This time around, the Five Hammering Men by Jonathan Borofsky were back...this time in one spot.  I remember the first time they were installed in Northpark.  They are still just as fascinating over 30 years later.
picture from Internet - I couldn't get a clear shot of them...too many holiday shoppers...
Five Hammering Men, 1982 - Borofsky - Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Collection
They are currently located in the South Court between Neiman Marcus and Dillard's.

I'm glad I had my phone with me, because located in the CenterPark Garden are two pieces I hadn't seen before - 
The World Turned Outside In
Anish Kapoor, 2003
located outside Louis Vuitton; from the Louis Vuitton Collection
Leo Villareal, 2015
Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Collection

Coming back into the original building (what I think of as the real mall), I happened to look up to see:
White Flying Figure with Numbers
Jonathan Borofsky, 1984
Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection

I remember seeing this one at the Nasher Sculpture Center because the artist statement was, um, well...odd. Found it on the internet so you could enjoy it as well:
  • White Flying Figure with Numbers derives from a dream the artist had of flying. Covering his entire body are numbers, which the artist literally uses to count and mark his work. Borofsky has been writing down numbers sequentially since the late 1960s and they are well over the three million mark. The artist says he needs the sequential activity to balance the imagery that he summons from the unconscious
I remember thinking at the time that maybe I wasn't crazy enough to call myself an artist....

Oh well...it was a beautiful day, a good lunch, a great visit, and there weren't very many crazy, frazzled shoppers (crayzzled?), so I'm thinking it was a great day to go there!

And I got to stop and watch the ducks in the fountain...Always a plus!