It's Spring!

You gotta love Texas! Snow last week. Spring this week. At least the flowers think so. The iris in the yard have finally decided to give it a go. I volunteered yesterday (all day) and this morning at the Dallas Quilt Show - it was as beautiful as ever - here, Iva and I are doing a volunteer stint at the Volunteer Check-In table - the quilts were as fabulous as ever and everything was very inspirational.


Better Snow...

Last night's snow was prettier than the one earlier this week - and to make the drive to work more interesting for me (Dave was driving), I took my camera along. So I've posted a new pdf on the links for our drive into work today. Jo


Sensei Mon-Kei

Sensei Mon-Kei says "Look for the truth in all things".


March Snow

Yes - It did indeed snow last night - but it didn't hang around long.


Serenity Series - Parts 1 through 5...

My friend Cher and I went to a small gallery to see a collection of Chihully glass - fabulous! One piece in particular was very inspiring - one of the Persians (fluted plate w/glass gourd and anemone shapes)was made from white and clear, wavy patterned, with black trim and the items resting in the plate were white and babypink. I thought...hmmmm, I have black and white material...so - I came home, whacked up all of my black and white patterned fat quarters into various size-not measured strips, ironed them, and sewed them all back together again...and then I added babypink. The next one I added red. The next, lemon yellow. The next, lime green. The next pumpkin orange. There are more waiting to be compiled, so I don't know where this project will end. I call it "Serenity Series" and will post more when they're finished. I look forward to the end when I can combine them all into one installation. Each one is approximately 8.5"x11". Enjoy. Jo