At the end of April I took a workshop with my friends that was taught by my friend Carolyn Skei - a wonderful artist - and the group of us had a great time painting and otherwise abusing fabric. 
I came away with several pieces I greatly liked and, what's even better - I liked well enough to photograph and upload to Spoonflower (along with one or two from a prior similar session in my studio) - so now I have several yards of great & unique fabric as well!

Here are a few of the results from that workshop (photos of the original pieces) - most are ~9X12" at the largest and some are as small as 5"x5":
...some are fabric and some are the paper towels that were underneath the fabric  - the yardage of the few I chose to have printed looks the same, only bigger and longer, so I will wait to post pictures of them after I've done something with them...

...uh...that might be awhile....


He will be missed...

Ray Bradbury, Master of Science Fiction, Dies at 91
Thanks to him and Isaac Asimov, my adolescence was far more entertaining than it would have been...


Long Live the Queen!

The morning was spent watching the  Queen's Thames Jubilee covered by BBC America - trying to catch a glimpse of our friends, the heralds...we took pictures of the TV screen!  Dave actually got one good shot with Charles (far left) and Dennis (middle) in it!
Unfortunately, no usable shot of Claire in her beautiful new blue Canadian tabard...here's hoping they got pictures of each other all gathered aboard the barge!

We are such Anglo-philes!

The rest of the celebration was great and I greatly admire any 86-year-old woman and any 90-year-old man who can stand on their feet for over 3 hours just to watch boats go by!  No wonder their people love them!