JULY 2017

After having friends over for a Movie Day on the 1st, I spent the rest of the weekend moving stuff from my studio to the living room so I could get some work done - it's just too hot up there during July and August!  

My goal was to use up and empty the Ziploc storage bag (done) - and by the end of that first week, I had put together enough scraps to cut 65 8.5-inch squares)...with more to cut!

And there are still more scraps to sew together or use up in other projects!

Ventured out on the 8th for the Texas Assoc. of Quilt Guilds (TAQG) Rally Day - only volunteered for a few hours at one of the entrances  - others from the Dallas Guild worked all day. The speaker was Cynthia LeBlanc Regone (website: www.cajunclassicsquilts.comand it was a wonderful time.
Judy from the Dallas Guild worked hard all day...
me, not so much - I was able to hand out goodie bags at one of the entrances
we had a nice crowd from all over- at least 500 people...
what caught my eye was the church's slide behind the speaker -
it's the Hatteras lighthouse - what a Texas church is doing using
a N.C. lighthouse is beyond me...made me homesick for MY coastline!

On the 11th we found out the answer to "What would happen if Raider actually caught a squirrel?" - both survived, but with damages - Mr. R ended up with wounds on his neck, his face, near his eye and near his ear. Not sure about the squirrel; since he wasn't where we left him while we took Mr. R to the vet, we have to assume he was still mobile...
the worse wound - healed in a few days - rest were just small punctures

On the 18th and 21st, Dave had cataract surgery and seems to have come out fairly unscathed and able to see much better -
left eye - day of - cleared up in a couple of days and
he could read across the room with it
right eye done - the dark spot over the eye is the X they put on
so they would do the correct eye -
are they in such a hurry they wouldn't be able to tell??
So the fun part of it was that we got to go shopping for reading glasses and normal sunglasses...these are NOT the ones he purchased because, he said, "Well, these are just stupid."

The DAFA meeting on the 24th was just plain FUN!  We "exchanged" handmade birthday cards and then did an Art Swap.

The card I made for the exchange, and the piece I "swapped"::
note card

In the Garden (8x10)

What I received, a card by JoAnn May and a beautiful silk scarf by Suzanne Morgan:

We wore wonderful "hats" and ate cake (we were celebrating EVERYONE's birthday at one time):
Art for the month, all of it 5x7 or smaller - kept it small and it made for a very productive month!
all 4x5, mounted on canvas
both 5x7
all 4x6
all 4x6
all 4x6 or maybe 5x7 (would have to remeasure)