Latest Art

I finished this 10" doll this weekend. Was tired of beading so decided to use up some paint - painted the doll one day and made the stand the next - Dave cut some scrap 2"x4" and I covered it with glue and tissue paper, then painted it with metallic paint; drilled a hole, put a wire in the doll and glued the wire into the hole. I like her and I received a lot of positive feedback at the Dallas Area Fiber Arts meeting. I have a few more of these "goddess" shaped dolls made now, so I'll make a few more stands and put the pictures up when they are done.
Hugs - Jo


Art Show Entry 2007-The Guardian

Ok - this will be my entry into this year's Own My Own Time Art Show at the University - inspired by a cave drawing of the Taino Indians (the inspiration photo by Dr. Lynne Guitar and more information on the Tainos can be found at http://www.centrelink.org/TainoCaves.htms). He's a little creepy but, I suppose, if someone is supposed to be guarding me, I would want them to be a little scary! It's also the tallest doll I've made to date (24.5") - Jo