New Pictures on Link List

Here's hoping everyone had a great holiday weekend - Dave & I certainly did, though we did miss being with family. Some of the pictures of our trip to see Jeni, Josh and the kids are now on the link list. Enjoy. Since I took over 1000, this is only a small taste (yes, Jeni - you'll get a CD with all people pics on it!)....and the one on this post is one of my favories - we had a great time and can hardly wait to go back.
Hugs to all
Grandma Jo Ann


Latest Pictures

We have the latest pictures of the trip to Canada on the link list and will have the pictures from our visit with Jeni/Josh and kids in Washington State up soon...

Jo was able to make a day trip to the Houston Quilt Show on November 4th - here she is barely able to drag the bag full of new fabric behind her! It was a long day but definitely worth it! What beautiful quilts there were! And she got to meet Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson in person! What a thrill!