#20 celebration...

...ok - we admit it...our idea of a great day is one spent together!  So we treated ourselves on Saturday:

First, breakfast at IHop (food cooked by someone else is our favorite kind...)

Then we went on over to Fort Worth, 

to cruise one of the malls - the antique kind, of course...

Montgomery Street is one of the largest and has a LOT to look at!  We did manage to score a few items:


and a quilt - it's a tied one (like my mother used to make) and I thought the colors very sweet - no stains and ready to wash and use!
Then we popped over to the Civil War museum, which has a fabulous collection of items -
and we can both highly recommend it if you are interested in that particular military era.

My favorite part is the room that is full of 19th century women's clothing -

It truly is a phenomenal collection...
We rounded the day off with a late lunch at a great barbeque place -
and then headed home for a movie and a nap!

All in all, we had a wonderful time just being together.


20 YEARS!!!!

And still having fun!!