It's already so hot...

that even the squirrels are melting....
photo by David Appleton


Thank you, Monday.

Leah Dieterich's mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything. thxthxthx is her daily exercise in gratitude...here is her "Thank You" to Monday, which I absolutely love...and has changed my attitude about the day...a little.
Thank you, Leah.


Little Art

At Monday's DAFA meeting we are having a potluck and an art swap - so I decided to make something I've had in mind for a while...I took a 5" square mounted canvas and applied tissue paper with glue (I love the organic look it gives)...
and then I added paint...
and a litte more (metallic) paint...
and then I mounted a small spirit doll on it.
I love it.  I can hardly wait to see what I get in exchange!


Molecular Biophysics...

Last Friday, we once again held the Molecular Biophysics Research Symposium, this year with 121 attendees (I am the committee for this shindig), but it went very smoothly thanks to a great site staff (C.R. Smith American Airlines Museum) and a great caterer (Gil's Elegant Catering).

It was a chance once again for the attendees to talk shop...um...science...and for me to enjoy some of my favorite pieces of art...
45"x60" 9/11 Memorial Quilt - created by Debbie Moore-Yip, an AA ticket agent, as a memorial to all the flight crews of AA and UA lost on 9/11
and then there is the bronze 9/11 memorial:

my favorite small bronze buffalo also lives in this museum:

The other bronze I admire is the AA Eagle:
I particularly admire they way they have the stained glass background.

I also like their flagship plane - I think it's a piece of art....

but the entire reason I do this job are my "kids"...


May Macro Monday



Last week...

It was a good week last week - I managed to finish the binding on two of the charity quilts and turn them in

and I enjoyed the Quilt Guild meeting even though the crowd was a little smaller than usual - there were raffle quilts, both quite stunning
The speaker, Nancy Brenan Daniel, was entertaining and her quilts were also wonderful to see...it was nice that she shared them with us...

On Saturday I went to my last Fiber Arts Board meeting!!! hooray!!! I love the group, but two years on the Board was long enough.

To celebrate getting one Saturday a month back to myself, I stopped at CityCraft and bought some great fabrics, most of them from the sale table - aren't they luscious? Some Heather Baily and some Robert Kaufman:
and a little bit of Robert Kaufman's Sushi Bar:
On Sunday Dave and I went to see Iron Man 2 - totally loved it.  And can hardly wait for 2011 for Thor and for Captain America; followed in 2012 with The Avengers.

Coming up Friday of this week, the annual Molecular Biophysics Research Symposium...


Another Macro Monday

Quebec 2008


Happy Mother's Day, Mama.

I wish I could still send you flowers...



Sculptural Saturday

Saturday we all headed to the Nasher Sculptural Center and was fortunate to catch the Asian Festival that was being held next to the Trammel Crow Asian Collection...
The Nasher was having a Plensa exhibit

and it was nice to see some of the other parts of the collection as well...

and the flowers were gorgeous!

The only part of the Asian festival that attracted me was my friend Micheal Cook showing how to spin silk - he's a fabulous artist and is the only person I know who can weave with sewing thread!

and after the adventure of finding the DFW Observation section at Founder's Park, we all went out for dinner at our favorite Chinese restuarant (it seemed appropriate)!

And then we had to say good-bye!  I think they had a good time - Next time we hope they can stay longer!!