Working on my list...

Working at getting things finished...this week I completed a log cabin square that is my contribution to a friendship quilt (maybe they can use it on the back...sewed some of those strips three times and, still...had to make it bigger than the 12.5" needed so they can cut it down...sigh...precision sewing just isn't my thing!).

Also finished Faded Memories for the Twisted Sisters exhibit (12"x12") - rounded the corners because all I could think of as I was finishing it up was Lu's comment that small quilts look like potholders! 

Since I've taken the week off, I plan to finish my panel for the Saturn V rocket, as well as the lion in the bathroom (sounds like he's the second cousin of the one in the wardrobe...twice removed on his mother's side ..).

Stay tuned!


Saturday in Tyler

Dave gave a lecture in Tyler today at the Mayflower Compact Luncheon, which he said he enjoyed doing very much.

I joined him for the trip and while he was lecturing, I took myself off to the local quilt shop (The Nimble Thimble - very nice...) where I did a sufficient amount of wallet damage and then off to Chili's for lunch. The weather was beautiful and it was a good day to travel to East Texas.

I even figured out how to take my own picture!  Amazing what you learn about your camera when you start reading the directions!

The only blooming flora was just outside the hall where Dave was lecturing...it may be that Fall is actually here!


Pirate Shoes

Any day you get to wear Pirate Shoes all day has to be a good day!

I think I'll add my skull and crossbones "croc buttons" - as soon as I find them.

I was down in New Braunfels at my department's retreat.  Not the kind where you and your co-workers go through 'trust' and 'teamwork' excercises.  But the kind where all of the investigators and post-doctoral fellows and students get to sit in a lecture hall (1/2 day Friday, 3/4 day Saturday, and 1/2 day Sunday) and listen to scientific presentations by other investigators and post-doctoral fellows and students.  As a worker bee,  I'm not subjected to that special corner on a level Dante missed in his travels (for which I'm very grateful). 

So my weekend was spent making sure that people had the right nametags and the right room keys etc. etc. and doublechecking that transportation arrangements were going smoothly.  I also wandered around the grounds with my camera, and even though it's very much the end of the garden season, and most blooming things were very small, I collected a few more shots for the never-ending supply of flora and abstract pictures.  My favorite shot of the weekend was this one:

But I think some of the other ones came out okay as well.  And I'm glad to be back home.


A Stop at HD

No trip to any place is complete unless there's a stop at the Harley store..

So, to paraphrase Jon Stewart....here it is:  My moment of Zen:


My friend Tonya invited me to participate in her group's exhibit of pieces at the Dallas Quilt Show next March.  The name of the exhibit is "2 degrees of Separation" as each participant must either be a member of the group (1st degree) or invited by a member (2nd degree).  I was thrilled to be asked, but didn't commit until I was sure I would have something I'd want the public to see.  So...This is the corner of the piece I'm finishing up. 

The photo is the only one I have of my grandmothers together- paternal on the left; maternal on the right.  I don't know if they ever met more than once or not (one lived in Tennessee and one lived in south Alabama).  And I'm not even sure when the photo was taken.  Every time I look at this picture I think "Genetics rule."  There is no way I'd ever be a Skinny Minnie with morphology like that in the family - and, understand, Kate (left) was only about 4'10"; and Cora (right) was only about 5'2", so great height wasn't in the cards either.  I have only foggy-fuzzy memories of Kate because she died when I was still very small.  And the memories I have of Cora are overshadowed by the memories of her when she was living with my parents after she had the on-set of Alzheimers and she often didn't recognize me.  But at some moment in time, my grandmothers were in each other's company - I just wish I knew what they talked about.