Wet Saturday

Today is pouring rain but at least it waited until after we saw the changing of the guard at the Citadel.

Here's a shot of the Regiment's mascot goat, along with some pictures of the soldiers and the band. I took video but I have to figure out how to post it without using up all of the allowed disk space on the server!

We also posed as guards.

Afterwards we had lunch with friends before just walking around part of Old Town Quebec City - then the rain got so bad it forced a return to the hotel.

Here's the photo of the day - you just never know who you'll meet coming around a corner!

Home tomorrow!! - Jo


Banquet Friday

More pictures tomorrow - we just got in from the closing banquet - very crowded, but our table was nice and we knew everyone - Dave got to sit next to Cathy and I got to sit next to Darcy. He also got to share a lot of laughs with Charles Burnett (Ross Herald of Scotland).

Tomorrow we go see the changing of the guards at the citidel.

Here's the picture of the day -
Au Revoir - Jo


Museum Thursday

Got back to the hotel too late to post but yesterday while Dave was in lectures, Concha Gillespie and I went to the Ursuline Museum (fabulous embroidery!!) and the Museum of Civilization - neither of which allowed pictures - oh well....got a few more statues on the street shots and some more vista shots - all of which will be put in the pdf...

Dave's lecture yesterday afternoon went very well - here's a shot of him before the beginning of the lecture with the past Chief Herald of Canada, Rob Watt...

I must say, though, the flowers here are gorgeous - I have hundreds of pictures of them by now and it is really going to be difficult to choose from among them...

and here it is, your picture of the day...
this is part of a carved wall in a small garden...

Quebec City is a treasure trove of art...

Au revior - Jo


Tour Day Wednesday

This morning we went on a walking tour of Old Quebec City where we saw...

new buildings....

old buildings...

excavated buildings....


and cannons....

Then we all got on a bus and went to tour historic L'ile d'Orleans - the island in the middle of the St. Laurence River - that has about 7000 residents year round (10,000 in summer)...where we had lunch in an old mill, tasted cider at an apple farm and then we saw more churches...


and a waterfall 98.5 feet higher than Niagra....

So now we are back at the hotel after a nice dinner where we are showering and then falling into bed to sleep for as long as possible!

Here it is - your picture of the day - this city has the most eclectic art in the most unexpected places....

Au revoir - Jo


Hangover Tuesday...

OK - we don't have hangovers but the people that were thronged here yesterday and last night just might ...and it wasn't just for the birthday celebration - the birthday celebration just made the crowd larger...from Wikipedia:

The Fête nationale du Québec (English: Quebec National Holiday) is an official holiday of the Canadian province of Quebec. The festivities occur on June 23 and June 24, and are organized by the Comité organisateur de la fête nationale (national holiday organizing committee). Originally, June 24 was a holiday honouring one of the patron saint of French Canadians, St. John the Baptist, and in ordinary conversation the day is still often called la Saint-Jean by Quebecers. Although the holiday has official status only in Quebec, it is also celebrated by some francophones in other Canadian provinces and in the United States as a festival of French Canadian culture. In these contexts, it is more often called Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day.

these pictures are from the beginning of the celebration - thousands more showed up as the night went on....

What I can tell you from first-hand knowledge is that they were still going at 5:30 this morning and there is so much trash out there (still - at lunchtime) that it looks like it snowed. I feel very sorry for the City workers who have to clean this mess up! These are just a couple of the less-messy places in the park:

Today while Dave is in lectures, I'm staying in the room and catching up on some Quilting Arts workshops I have on DVD (there never seems to be enough time at home!) and tonight we're touring some churches, so I don't know what time we'll get back to the hotel.

It's clear enough that I can see the mountains on the other side of the bridge - I've tried for pictures, but there is a lot of blue (both the mountains and the water) so the camera is having a hard time picking something to focus on...here's the picture from yesterday late afternoon of the closer mountains and you can see what I mean.

and here's the picture of the day...oh to be so young that sleeping on the ground would not be a problem!...these guys were still in the park at 7:00 this morning....

Au revoir - Jo


Happy Birthday Quebec City!

The poster on the side of the building is my pick for picture of the day...yet again we miss a major touring company because we have too many other things to choose from!

Ok - Dave and I are officially old....there are currently over 100,000 people in the streets of Quebec City celebrating (loudly) that the city is 400 years old....and we have deliberately chosen to stay in the hotel. A tremendous number of them appear to be under the age of 21 and I can honestly state that I don't think Quebec can be called the fashion capitol of the world but it could probably claim itself the center of unique fashion choices (at least for this week!). And it's quite apparent that a large portion of those we have seen seem to think black is the "in" color for what little clothes they choose to wear and also have the market cornered on body illustrations and embellishments (hope they don't get too near magnets - it could hurt.)

As for the conference - the opening ceremonies were fun - we got to watch natives dance,

Congress officials dance, Scots dance, and the speeches were long and all in French - even the one given by the High Chief of a local Indian tribe....

Also, we found it entertaining that the moderator for the opening ceremonies was none other than Samuel Champlain (yes - the 17th century explorer and founder of the city of Quebec) - seen here posing with me.
Re-enactors were on hand to explain the military periods of the city's history...pics of them posing with me will be in the pdf.
The scrapbook is going to be very interesting for this trip!


Sunday in Quebec City

nice grey day, but wonderfully cool! and with a breeze!

here's the day shot of the same scene from last night -

At breakfast, it was quite apparant from the 23rd floor (where breakfast was served), that the Parliament building and garden next door was worth exploring, so that's where we spent the morning ...

there was so much cool stuff to see just in this one place! I'll try to put together a pdf soon.
In the meantime, here is Dave checking out a monument to Americans-

-Jo with her new favorite flowers -

-and of course, I had to add to my Police-Around-the-World collection (I have no idea who the lady behind us waving is)....

and after checking in at the conference, we had lunch with friends at the Napoleon and spent the rest of the day and evening catching up with friends.

So - until tomorrow - here is my favorite picture of the day:

the flowers here are all amazing!! and still blooming (obviously).

Au revior - Jo


Camels and Quebec

While dropping Roxie off at doggie camp this morning, we looked across the street to the statuary place and Dave found the sculpture he wants for the back garden.

Please note it is, indeed, life-sized, and even if we could afford it, I doubt we could afford the installation...

Okay - so we have arrived safely in Quebec City after many hours on podunk planes - yes...we had to walk down the stairs and across the tarmac into the terminal....does that indicate how small the plane was? It should.

The flights themselves were uneventful (as they should be) and it's quite obvious (even in the dark) that this city is huge. But the hotel is wonderful, the staff is friendly and Louis Rene did us the fabulous favor of giving us a view that looks out over the Old City and one of the gates. Since it is the city's 400th anniversary, each night they are running a show projected on buildings (I think) which you can barely see in the view from our window (titled: Quebec City at Night....) - it is that long grey rectangle on the right side about half-way down...I'll post another picture in the morning of the same view...

In the meantime...au revoir for now...Hugs - Jo


Getting Ready!

So - here I sit in Panera, drinking a mango smoothie and checking email. The DSL is still out at home and won't be fixed until the Tuesday after we get back. Anyway - it was a great excuse to leave the laundry and the dishes and the packing and come have lunch while I checked my email. I've concluded that I could do this often if given the chance!

Both Dave and I are very much looking forward to getting to Canada even though tomorrow will be a long day of traveling. We have to drop the dog off at doggie camp on the way to the airport and we have a 4hour layover in Detroit and we won't get to our hotel until about 8:30pm our time. Stay tuned for pictures!

The material for the doll's coat has been machine-stitched as part of the embellishment and since I decided I needed to take some handwork with me, the coat is basted together and I should be able to get it put together for real and begin the embellishment (embroidery and beads). The raw seams will be covered in beads and the machine-stitching will be background for the hand-embroidery.

I'm looking forward to working on it - I already think it's one of the cooler pieces I've made - of course, I do have to keep reminding myself that the coat does not have to be comfortable for the doll, it just has to fit well!

Hugs - Jo


Weekly Catch-Up

So - the DSL went down last week and it will be this Thursday before someone comes to fix it - making Dave very very unhappy. Actually - Dave's comments on the subject are unrepeatable in a family forum. Except for the DSL crisis, things were fairly calm and normal around the Appleton homestead. More shifting occurred in the studio and we're both getting ready to go to Quebec City at the end of this week.

Saturday after the Fiber Arts board meeting, Val and I joined a large portion of our extended family (EF) - the Hansons and the Townsends - to see our EF granddaughters in their dance recital. Too very cute.

Kaylee Jo did an excellent job and Emiley (at age 3) was too cute to be believed. It was also Emiley's birthday, so in addition to receiving flowers from her family for her recital, she got balloons.

It's been awhile since I've seen this part of my EF, so it was amazing how much the boys had grown - I actually didn't recognize John Taylor and introduced myself to him! Last time I saw him he had short hair and only came up to my shoulder! How quickly they grow.
Of course, Alexander has been tall for quite some time now (and they are only 15!)…
Afterwards we all went to Olive Garden (one of the few places that could accommodate a party of 18) - and the waitstaff brought out the pre-ordered cake and sang Happy Birthday to Emiley - who wasn't quite sure what the deal was -

On Sunday, Dave recovered from being a woodsman on Saturday (while I was out being a grandma, he was felling a tree in the yard and using his chain saw...grunt grunt: MANLY WORK.....) and talked to at least two of his kids for Father's Day.

I worked in the studio - began work on Earth Spirit so I could put her outer coat together enough to work on it while I'm on vacation since I want to do a lot of handwork on it - the stand is two pieces of 2"x4" with a dowel for support of the basic cloth doll - I've sewn the doll, stuffed her with wool roving, put her on the stand and added tissue paper to the base and the bottom of the doll (this will provide a textured look once she's painted - it's amazing what a little tissue paper and a little glue will turn into!).

- I'm using the Moda cotton I used for the beading class as the basis for the coat ..
I began to add the machine embroidery last night- (will add a picture of that stage later) - after that I'll cut the coat out and put it together so I can add the hand embroidery and the beads while I'm on vacation - I probably won't paint the doll until we get back.

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Father's Day! Hugs - Jo