APRIL 2017

This month began with an art show of Flo Berry's work - she recently passed away and her family felt it only right to honor her work with a show...and a small group of her DAFA friends attended...
Lu saying a few words about her good friend...
a very small portion of the art...
Flo's friends from DAFA - behind me are Carolyn, Lu, Mary Ruth, Brenda, and Sara..
Afterwords, we went out to lunch/early dinner and enjoyed visiting and saying goodbye to Sara (she is moving to Santa Fe).

After Stitchers Play Date, Mary M. and I stopped by CC Young to see the DAFA Art Show - it was staged very well and I like where my pieces were placed.
the groundskeepers had just put in pansies at CC Young -
such a pretty purple!
I was excited to see that my bowl made it onto the poster
For some reason, this was on a table, rather than hung on the wall...
they must have needed to fill a space
my Obtainium Challenge entry looked good next to Sheila's doll
And Mary took my picture next to my Fiberlicious vessel
The same day as I went to the art show, Dave gave his lecture on Genealogical Tourism to the Cedar Hill Genealogy Society.

On the 14th we celebrated my birthday with Turkish food -
and falafel, white beans, grilled vegetables, humus, and rice.
Before going home, we stopped at the Cooper Street Antique Mall.
it's nice and we are looking forward to returning
these, of course, made me think of Reid...
and this made me think of Valerie...
my friend Tim said he was glad I could
reconnect with a childhood pet.
I haven't seen a Sinclair Oil dinosaur in decades,
but not as long as he implies!
Since Dave had the opportunity to speak at the Genealogy Conference in Salt Lake City on the 22nd, we took a few extra days to visit with some of the kids and grandkids. We drove so we could take the dog - I always find New Mexico fascinating -
Road construction was everywhere...I had ample opportunities to get pictures of Men At Work...
I love how parts of the landscape make you expect John Wayne to ride over the horizon at any second...

 The Herbal Alternative in Cortez, Colorado
These made me think of Deborah's "Y" stitches on her artwork
Mr. R was not even near happy until he was in the front with us!
We are so grateful to Blaine and Shera for letting us stay with them and allowing the dog - Mr. R kept strict vigilance while there and overall was very well behaved.
 He got along with their dog and everybody enjoyed sitting together on the couch and watching Dr. Who.
He even decided Blaine was an okay guy before the end of the episode!
We got to visit with Jim and his family, Melanie and Aaron, Mike and Sheldon and, of course, Blaine and Shera and their kids and Dave got to see Joe and his kids. So it was a great family visit, even if (for some unknown reason) we didn't take a lot of pictures.

We both got to spend Monday with Shera and stopped at JoAnn's, then lunch at a wonderful Lebanese restaurant and then visited a great bookstore.

The weather for the trip back (Day 1) was miserable - it rained...
 sleeted, snowed and hailed (you can't see it in this picture where I tried to get the hail)...
 and visibility sucked.
Needless to say, we were very happy to arrive on the North side of Albuquerque, grab dinner and go to bed!

The next day was beautiful weather - we even saw some balloons over Albuquerque!
 And, while it was a great trip, it was great to be back in Texas...

Art for the month included:
#27 Appleton Studios Heraldic Cross-stitch charts
a sweet small design by Vicki Hastings (it's about 5" x 7"; I think I will add borders and turn it into a charity mini-quilt),
#28 Appleton Studios Heraldic Cross-stitch charts
and #29
#29 Appleton Studios Heraldic Cross-stitch charts
Looking forward to seeing what May will bring...


MARCH 2017

This will be a long post - lots of pictures!

As usual, the month started with the Quilt Guild meeting -
with Jules and Lu
The following day, Dave and I went to the Antiques Fair in Fort Worth and to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall (looking for art for the living room), but the only things to catch our attention was a "heraldic" lamp
and a Russian Navy hat (complete with ribbons down the back...
Dave was tempted (since it fit) but decided they wanted too much for it!

March 10-12 was the Dallas Quilt Show - I had a great time!

I spent my Volunteer Time either selling tickets...

 I'm with Cindy Matthews, Czarina of the Volunteers
or at the Volunteer Table

It was cool to see my mini-quilts with all of the others...
with my Wooden Buddha in Scotland
My What Dreams May Come
next to Lu's Karl's Red Truck #2

with my Orange Scottish Flower

and it was fun to watch my minis go up for auction
my block entry!
Of course, I took far more pictures than this, but I've put them into a book for myself rather than post them here.  Better get started on making mini-quilts for next year's show!

Spring began to show itself on the 10th -
On the 16th, we drove down to Round Rock, where Dave was giving his "Finding New England Ancestors" lecture to the Williamson County Genealogy Society -
On the way back, we stopped to see Rob's good friend, Buc-ee...
 When we got home, Spring had definitely sprung in our backyard!

And Reid and I had fun at the DAFA meeting -

As for Art - I finished a 6"x8" piece for the Studio Art Quilt Assoc (SAQA) Spotlight Auction -
Crossing Boundaries
two postcards -

and a 12"x12" for another SAQA auction -
Soft Wings

All in all - a great month!