KIP and #26

Worldwide Knitting in Public Day was 6/18, so off I went to Barnes & Noble for a couple of hours - Cathy Sims joined me.

and since Valerie Kelley was there is spirit, I stopped by her rehab facility (she had both knees replaced) and got a picture of her Crocheting in Public -

The only other item of note is Heraldic Cross-stitch #26 got completed -
Still needs to be blocked so it will be square, but done is done.


Finally - Happy Birthday to me!

Because of the rain, Dave was delayed in installing my birthday present: a barn door for the bedroom/bathroom doorway! Everything has been here for a while, but the rain meant the paint wouldn't dry, so we just put it off until there was little worry about the weather.

When Norm redid the bathroom, he installed a pocket door in the doorway to the hall but the wall between the bathroom and the closet was not suitable for a pocket door, so we left the bedroom/bathroom entrance as it was until Dave retired. It was a pain, however, since when it was open (it was only closed when company was in the house), it blocked the pocket-door entryway and we were constantly bumping into it...

OLD Doorway:
Door from bathroom into bedroom
(pocket door is doorway to hall on left)
Door on left is closet; door on right is into the
bathroom from the bedroom
View from hall - as you can see, the
door blocks part of the doorway...
So Dave painted up everything, took out part of the doorframe...
and hung the new door -
Closed for company
from the hall - no longer in the way...
nice open space when it's just us at home!
Nothing left but the touching up!


On Memorial Day

Yesterday's Memorial Day service by the Sons of Union Veterans was held in Fort Worth at the Oakwood Cemetery, which is just across the river from downtown. It's the location of the monument to the Grand Army of the Republic. While the ceremony honors all veterans it makes special note of the Civil War ancestors of the members of the Sons. And, just like on Saturday, the artillary was there.
Afterwards, everything got loaded back up...
and about 30 of us headed over to Joe T. Garcia's - a great restaurant with good food and good atmosphere.
The weather turned out beautifully and turned the glass buildings of downtown into giant reflectors.
All of this was followed by an afternoon and evening of sharing hamburgers and hot dogs with friends, and having a small game night, it was a great day!


Memorial for All Veterans - Springtown, Texas

The Sons of Union Veterans joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans to honor all those fallen in battle during our country's history - it was a good ceremony and the weather held, so while it was hot and muggy, it didn't rain.
 Amazingly, when you shoot off cannons, the cops always show up!  So I was able to add to my collection of "photos with policemen around the world" (I like it even better than the "men at work" collection).


More little things..

Dave finished up taking his father's military service medals (WWII and Korea) and his grandfather's military service medals (Mexican border service and WWI) out of their old dilapidated frames and placed into new ones, and up on the "family military service wall" in the living room; and he added his father's stripes to his memorial shadow box (the one on the right).

It's a nice memorial.