Jan 7-13

This week I had an endoscopy - not as bad as it sounds because the drugs are really really good.  And I sufficiently recovered so as to have a late lunch at IHOP.  So, not a bad day...

Lowe's called and said our new refrigerator arrived at the store, but it was damaged. So we ended up going over there and picking out a replacement - fortunately they had the same one we had originally chosen as a floor model, so we took that and arranged delivery for the next day, since they also had received the range.
They are temporarily stored in the library until the kitchen is ready for them to be installed.

We enjoyed the company of two large dogs during the week...

The first time they showed up, I conned them into going into our backyard and called animal control. When they were back in the backyard a couple of days later, we figured out they belonged to one of our back neighbors (they came through our fence the second time).  He came and got them and then he put up wire on his side of the fence and Dave put up a large board on our side.  It's too cold to repair the fence now and so it will have to wait until Spring and one of our boys comes out to help!

Dave also took a moment and made more room in the laundry room by hanging up the ironing board and the iron - much nicer!
As for art...well, still working on the afghan!  Maybe more stuff next week....


Busy Week

It was a busy week for us - 

Tuesday, Pete from Brennan installed our front door -
Our new storm door will be installed at the end of January.  The door is currently just the primer color - It will be red outside and white inside...it can't be painted until the temp is consistently above about 60 degrees.  I guess paint is as tolerant of below freezing as I am! 

Wednesday, the guys from the remodeling company came out to take real measurements of our kitchen and to discuss the proposed changes - it's going to be so nice when that's finished! It probably won't be done until mid-March.

Thursday, ADT came out and upgraded our alarm system, installed a second fire alarm, a keyless lock and a Ring video doorbell.
Friday and Saturday, Dave replaced the door handle on the heater closet door in the kitchen - the old brass one was so ugly!
...took down the blinds from the kitchen windows (we never closed them anyway) -
And, since the new doorbell is to the left of the door, he removed the old doorbell and repaired the siding where it used to reside...
He also removed the old fire alarm from the living room and repaired the space where it had been - it probably wasn't functional - it didn't tie into our alarm system and we hadn't touched it since we moved in (17 years).

As for me, I cleaned out my side of the dresser and the closet, so everything at least starts out neat for the New Year!

No art yet, unless you count crocheting on an afghan.

Yes, indeed - exciting times!


Happy New Year!

photo from clipart...



The last quarter of the year was light, mainly due to minor illness, but we managed to have good times.

October 2nd was our 24th anniversay, so we celebrated on the 5th at the Texas State Fair!
Dave had a great shirt to wear!
You can, of course, get almost anything fried at the food vendors!
It was nice seeing Fair Park all clean and spruced up
The arts & craft section is visually over-stimulating, but you can see beautiful handwork and that's where they keep the butter sculpture...
There is also too much to see outside of the buildings as well...
Creepy Big Tex - I think he gets creepier every year...
The midway is bright and loud
and there are pirates...
and wizards!
It was a great time!

On the 21st, Blaine was in the area and we met for dinner -


Very little got done in November (due to illness) but we had a nice quiet Thanksgiving and the DAFA meeting was fun with our UUUGGGLY Holiday Outfit competition.


We mostly ran errands and I had doctor appointments and we are getting ready for the kitchen remodel in 2018.  Again - nice quiet Christmas -
and we're looking forward to a nice quiet NYE.

We are blessed and grateful for our lives, our family, and our home.



Started the month off right by catching up with a former Blue Cross co-worker...Jerrie and I hadn't seen each other for 30 years!  It was wonderful to see her again!

Then, of course, on the first Thursday, I joined my friends at Quilt Guild to hear Frieda Anderson - she was entertaining and so talented! Click on her name to go to her website, it's worth the time.

The following weekend we went with friends to see Shiloh Rules, a play about Civil War reenactors - amateur, but relevant to today's current issues regarding the conflict...

The 13th was Dave's birthday - we started out at IHop and then went home and watched whatever movies he wanted to see for the rest of the day - no working on projects!

On the 15th, I went with Reid to the Stitches Texas show - fiber and accessories - the budget took a hit at this one! We had a great time shopping and talking to the vendors.
The next week, Dave built me more shelves in my studio - I realized I had boxes of fat quarters that hadn't seen the light of day in months (maybe years), so I needed to get them out and in front of my face...there's a bench in my studio that can't come out because it encloses duct work and there are doors there into the crawl space over the bedroom, so we couldn't block them...so he built the shelves around the doors and on the bench:
Cool, huh?
And as you can see, I NEEDED them...
I love them! and the top shelf holds a small collection of stuff (not looking to have more, so this is sufficient).

Toward the end of the month we were lucky to get Norm over to help Dave replace 1/2 the fence - it took two days and looks so good, the rest of the fence looks downright dowdy...but replacing the other half will have to wait a while!

Art for the month:
Finished up three more flower bags from the Omiyage book:

Looking forward to October!