Decided to do just one post for the month.  Even though it was low-key, and not counting various doctor and vet appointments, we managed to stay busy.

Per usual, I spent the first week or so finishing up the studio clean-up.  All of my containers (but 1) are now see-through or see-in and over the last few months I have given away at least 30% or more of my "stuff".  Everything that's left, has a place.

In between yard work and his own to-do list, Dave installed the new light in our master bedroom closet.  So pretty...
I love Amazon!

On the art scene, I have managed to start pulling the Scrapalooza squares together...
what I consider as plain 6" squares on the left (no stitching/quilting)
 stitching added to all seams, quilting as I go..
quilted and trimmed to size

...and eventually they will all be stitched together and I will only need to finish off with a binding!

Attended the DAFA meeting, where we made new nametags, practiced needle-felting, learned a Chinese knot, and made a flower from zippers.  It was fun and we laughed a lot!
 I made a nametag for Reid as well, since she's in rehab for her knee replacements

 he's a little dorky, but I liked the needlefelting

April says "Hi!" - she provided all the materials for the name tags

At the end of the month, I joined up with friends at a funeral mass for our friend, Flo. It was sad (for us), but she was 88 and went in her sleep, so I am grateful for that.  We went out to lunch afterwards so we could talk and take our time.
 Lu and Connie

 Carolyn and me

Suzanne and Lisa

And now I'm getting entries ready for the Dallas Quilt Guild (some of my finished mini-quilts and block challenge) and the DAFA art show in March.  Paperwork, paperwork.
Block Challenge - Home Dream Home

And, as always, Mr. R takes everything in stride...


Happy Hollydays!

Merry Christmas, One and All!


Fourth Quarter Progress

The time since August has been very productive for me - I made Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) to exchange with members of the Dallas Area Fiber Artists...
and I finished (mostly) 18 mini-quilts...some still need labels. Some will go to the Quilt Guild's Mini auction and if I decide to put the remainder in my Etsy shop, new photos will need to be taken.  But, for now, finished is finished!
Most are 8"x10", with a few 8"x8" and one about 14"x12". Seems to be a good size - I like how the 8"x10" looks mounted on canvas.


November 3rd: Houston IQA Quilt Show!!

Dave had a meeting in Houston and was so kind as to schedule it so I could spend the day at the Houston Quilt Show - how awesome!  Total visual overload and I only saw 25% of the show.  It is so large that only preview night plus the 4 days of the show is adequate to see it all.

Some of my favorites from the exhibit, Twenty Years of Dear Jane. I was thrilled to see this exhibit because I qualify as a Janiac.  Information on Dear Jane can be found here.  The original quilt was completed in 1863 and Brenda Papadakis published the patterns in 1996.  Twenty years later, with almost 130,000 copies sold, people in over 35 countries are still enjoying the Jane Journey.  The works here celebrate the common bond of friendships formed and quilts made.
Black, White and Bright All Over Jane by Dena Brannen, Reston Virginia
Rainbow Jane by Charlotte Hay, Missoula, Montaja
Baby Jane Blue by Elizabeth Roth, quilted by Valerie Langue
50 Shades of Jane by Judy Hamrick
The next three quilts are (I think) Token of Love (by Elisabeth Prins, The Netherlands), Share Jane (coordinated by Kim Caskey and Jeltje van Essen and quilted by Kim Caskey, Edmonton, Alberta) and Dear Jane: An Out-of-Hand Experience (by Bonnie Robottom, quilted by Sharon Blackmore, Calgary, Alberta) - I'm not certain which is which...
Homage to Jane Stickle and Mary Evans by Brenda Papadakis, San Antonio, Tx
Brenda is the one who originally published the patterns for Jane Stickle's quilt, but she also has a passion for Baltimore Album quilts and Mary Evans designed many of the popular patterns for those quilts in 1842-1850.
Frida Jane by Laura F. (info blurred)
There was a wonderful exhibit of Japanese Quilts, Wa-Quilt: Kotohogi-Celebration -
I thought this quilt in the Baltimore Album tradition,
but using Japanese fabrics (some looked like kimono fabric) was beautiful!
Kathy York had a one-women exhibit and it was great to see her quilts there as well (you can see all of her quilts on her website here.
Doors Across Austin
Out of the Box
Out of the Box (detail)
It was a wonderful day and I can't post all of the pictures because of the volume!

Guess I'll have to do another scrapbook!