May 01-19

April 30 and May 1 saw the tree guy take out the lightning-struck tree -
and the 4th was Quilt Guild; inspiring "Show and Tell" as well as some wonderful quilts by our speaker, Dot Collins (check her out, here).
a Show and Tell piece I particularly liked - wished I
had gotten the member's name!
section of one of Dot's quilts
one of Dot's sampler quilts
I spent the next week cleaning up my studio so I could get in there to work -
Look! I can reach the door!
and walk into the room...
and my machine is no longer buried...
and neither is the iron!  Hooray!!
Earlier this week, Rob and Val came over for dinner (yes, I cooked...) and to make patterns for new outfits...Val needs to get them finished before the Memorial Day Weekend SCA event...I had a cutting mat and a clean table...

And I actually finished another heraldic cross-stitch!
Also added ribbons to the blackwork chessboard - now to find/make chess pieces for it...
I made it years ago...
Now - to go find something else to finish...


April 03-30

April was workmen, workmen, workmen- including Dave, who did the pantry (including the doors) and put together all of the furniture...until, finally, the kitchen was finished!
of course, I went to the Quilt Guild meeting and the DAFA meeting - but everything pales in comparison to the finish of the kitchen and having our library and living back to "normal".  We even got art hung on the library walls and the garage hall wall!
now - to start dusting everything!


March 11-April 02

I bundled the last couple of weeks together because it was a flurry of activity followed by very little.

Since there were no workmen in the house, Dave and I took off for Granbury, ostensibly to look for a jukebox, but also to get out of the house together and eat a meal that wasn't zapped in the microwave.
From Wikipedia:  Hiram Bronson Granbury (March 1, 1831 – November 30, 1864)  was a lawyer and county judge in Texas.   He organized a volunteer company (7th TX Inf) for the Confederate States Army after the outbreak of the Civil War and became its captain. Promoted to Brig. Gen., he headed the Texas Brigade, which was composed  of 8 under-strength Texas regiments,  including the 7th Texas Infantry. He died in the Battle of Franklin (TN).
Reburied in Granbury, Texas a couple of weeks after the battle.
While we didn't find a jukebox, we did find a piece of art for over the television.  Probably not Great Art, but interesting enough to look at until we find a perfect piece for the space.

On the 15th, our cabinets arrived!
and the next couple of days were spent on the installation -
On the 17th, the electricians came back and installed the cabinet lights...
Paul the electrician said "you should have glass shelves" and I informed him that in Texas that was a lost cause, but if he wanted to drop by each week to dust them, I'd consider it.  We think the upper lights will be just right to highlight some pieces that we love but don't use often.

On the 19th, Carlos came in to build up the breakfast bar and enclose the island in bead-board.
he left a couple of issues with the floor
(which can be repaired), but we think it's gorgeous!
On the 20th, the hood was installed -
it's stainless steel - currently still has the plastic protector on it
And after that, no workmen to date because the counter-tops are stuck in Houston.  Very frustrating!

In the meantime, Dave installed the brackets for the shelves in the pantry, 
and the new light in the pantry.
He also finished working on the library wall and stairway - he had already removed the ugly old paneling, so he re-textured, painted and installed a real handrail.  I can hardly wait until we put the art back up!
Good job, Dave!

I finished up another afghan and am working on squares for another one.
And now it's definitely Spring!  The iris have started in our yard...
and the flowerbeds at CC Young (where we have our DAFA meetings) were bursting with color!
Poor Mr. R has been wavering between utmost vigilance:
and looking exhausted:
Here's hoping there are more workmen in our immediate future - even if it's hard on the dog.


March 4-10

This week was the painters and the electricians...the ceiling wasn't white enough, so it had to be redone and the pantry painted...
much better...
and the electricians installed the can lights...glad we only went for 3 and 3, any more and we would look like a landing strip!
At the end of the week, I volunteered at the Dallas Quilt Show - took first shift each day selling tickets and then enjoyed looking at beautiful quilts the rest of the time.
Enjoyed watching the mini-quilt auction to raise money for charity (my three went for around $150)...there was even a bidding war for the one of the Scottish cat!
It was fun, and another nice break from construction in the house!

Of course, there is always something at the Quilt Show to see other than quilts...