August 14 (2) Bobby Burns

We headed for Alloway (21 miles from Craufurdland Castle), where Robert Burns was born.
a couple of miles down the road we passed through Fenwick...
I love street names...
The day continued to be rainy, not a shocker considering where we were...I couldn't get enough of the landscape...such a beautiful variety of greens...
 and golds...
Alloway Auld Kirk - dates back to the 16th century -  celebrated as the scene of the witchesdance in the poem Tam o' Shanter by Robert Burns.
kids love the carved animals
in the wall between the yard and the field
a thatch version of Tam and Meg
no one could answer my question in the gift shop -
How can there be Vegetarian Haggis???
The path from the Burns house to the museum had wonderful statues and metal cut-outs based on Burns poetry...
 Alex had also arranged for us to have lunch at the Burns Museum...a wonderful buffet...
a beautiful tribute to Mr. Burns...
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August 14 - After Congress 3-Day Tour - Craufurdland Castle

Alex arranged a 3-day tour of sites around the area (Ayrshire, West Lothian, and the Isle of Bute) that would involve heraldry, but also were of historical or architectural interest. It meant we could be picked up by the bus in the morning and continue to stay in our Congress hotel.  The Scottish think of these as long distances...Edinburgh is only 40-some miles away from Glasgow, but you would think it was on another planet...
On the way, we passed a wind farm...

Our first stop of the first day was Craufurdland Castle (22 miles from Glasgow).  Technically a castle, it is really a family home which has been continuously occupied by the same family since the late 1200s.  It started as a tower, with a manor house built in the 1500s, a gothic wing added in 1808, (what is now) a kitchen and dining room in the 17th century, and the Library and drawing room in the late 19th century.
We were personally greeted by Simon Craufurd
the view from the front door
Simon gives us the history of the house and lands

Sylvia listening to Mr. Crauford
the ceiling in the bedroom of one of the Craufurd's young daughters
the Craufurds laid out family trees and other documents for their guests
Adity (Simon's wife) tells us about the Craufurd's family history
a library to live in - the oldest volume is dated 1515
the Craufurd's dog must have sensed that Dave and I needed a little canine attention - we were
the only ones he approached...
Simon was such a gracious host - he even helped serve tea!
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