Sue Benner Workshop

DAFA sponsored a workshop with Sue Benner yesterday - Self Portraits!  I'm not sure that by the time I finish mine it will look anything like me, but I was honest enough to sketch in both chins!  It was really fun, and when I finish mine, I'll post pictures (9am-4pm was not enough time; I barely got started...).  We had a good time and every one's piece was so different - that's what is so much fun about these things - we learn new techniques and tips and get to see everyone start out on the same path and end up in so many places! 

I'm taking a Judy Coates Perez workshop in a couple of weeks.  I think that one will rock, too!



A few of us got together to celebrate Deborah's birthday and we had a great time!

We went to Stephen Pyle's Samar downtown...and it was plenty of good food and good conversation and a lot of laughs.

Afterwards, Connie, Dot and I spent a little time at the Trammel Crow Asian Art Collection, where I was able to visit a few of my old favorites!


Great Concert

It was a great concert to start the year off!

Happy New Year to one and all!