Last Christmas, I was looking at our tree and thought how silly it was that I hadn't made any ornaments during the year for it - so, now that the studio is clean enough to work in, I gathered up scraps and made some heart ornaments.  The workmanship isn't my finest, but most of the issues are on the back and once they are on the tree, the problem areas shouldn't be noticeable.
Why nine? Because that's how many came out of the "scrap" cloth I put together...after cutting them out and stitching them, I added a charm/button and some ribbon.

I learned a lot making them, so I might make some for my Etsy shop...

I was also able to complete the purse-portion of two bags -
and I'm working on straps for them - one crocheted and one knitted - using cotton warping thread...

and, of course, Raider has been involved. Earlier in the week he helped me watch the traffic issues...
and he also made sure the Guy knew that he was happy that the Guy was home!
Poor Dave - when this happens, the circulation in his legs becomes compromised and he ends up making Mr. R move!  That dog is a very heavy 12.6 pounds!



Last week was my Mom's 100th birthday...and I noted it on Facebook with the following picture...
and several people said I looked like her...

I don't object to that, but I think it's only because they weren't looking at my Dad...

Here is my father, my brother, me and my nephew...
pretty sure I have a strong Armistead DNA strain....the chin, the mouth, the nose, the forehead...

Final Bit

So - finally finished up organizing the sewing corner on the 6th - but I didn't want to interrupt the postings about the exhibit.
It's a little cramped, but there's space for me to get started on those unfinished projects and use up more stash!

It took a long time for me to clean up this whole space - but movement forward is movement forward...even if it's only one square foot at the time!


1920s Fashion Exhibit - the rest

These are the rest of the photos from the exhibit - last, but certainly not least - everything was so interesting!

The bags - 
the jewelry -
and the shoes!

The exhibit case I liked the best was the one with the 20s-era doll - isn't she great?
I hope to get to more exhibits this year - it's especially nice when they are free!


1920s Fashion Exhibit - Hats!

The dresses were great, but I adored the hats...


1920s Fashion Exhibit - Dresses and Coats

Earlier this week I met up with Denise and Caroline to see an exhibit of 1920s fashion that is being shown at the Dallas Galleria.  It was stunning! And we had a great time.  I took a lot of pictures, so I'll start with the dresses and coats. 


The security guard was nice enough to take our picture - we certainly aren't fashion plates, but we had a good time!