2/10 continued

Those who hadn't left yet, met up at the Boulder Highway IHOP...

and then we headed off to Boulder City to the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery to check out George's marker...

It was a beautiful day, though a bit cold and Aaron saw it as an opportunity to run free!!

And, while we all miss George, we were still happy to be together as part of a family!

and it was really wonderful to spend time with Robert and Laura



I have to say, there is always something to see in Vegas - even during the day ...


2/9 Party!

The whole reason for going to Vegas was Mom Appleton's 85th birthday!  Woo-Hoo!!  What a great reason for a get-together.

The cake was awesome - those are real flowers - with each layer a different combination of chocolate ...

And Mom dressed up and seemed to have a great time!

And it was wonderful that so many of her family could make it -

It made for a wonderful family group shot:

We missed everyone who couldn't make it to the party!


2/9/13 - The Hotel

So - we stayed at the Luxor and I will admit it was not as tacky as I feared ... except maybe in the elevators ... the room was nice and the view was nice (especially after it cleared up) and, while cold, the weather was beautiful.
from Las Vegas Blvd. ("the Strip")
from the back parking area
room view to the left
room view straight ahead
room view to the right
the light fixtures were nice

...okay, some of them.... 
I liked the carpet in the hallways 
well ... maybe outside of the
 elevators was a little over the top...
but not as much as inside the elevators! 
when the weather cleared, the mountains showed up.. 
I'm always fascinated by the red layers...
even Mt. Charleston became visible 
and so the arrangements and coordinations
to meet up with family began...