New Pictures on Link List

Here's hoping everyone had a great holiday weekend - Dave & I certainly did, though we did miss being with family. Some of the pictures of our trip to see Jeni, Josh and the kids are now on the link list. Enjoy. Since I took over 1000, this is only a small taste (yes, Jeni - you'll get a CD with all people pics on it!)....and the one on this post is one of my favories - we had a great time and can hardly wait to go back.
Hugs to all
Grandma Jo Ann


Latest Pictures

We have the latest pictures of the trip to Canada on the link list and will have the pictures from our visit with Jeni/Josh and kids in Washington State up soon...

Jo was able to make a day trip to the Houston Quilt Show on November 4th - here she is barely able to drag the bag full of new fabric behind her! It was a long day but definitely worth it! What beautiful quilts there were! And she got to meet Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson in person! What a thrill!


Captain - there be whales here!

No - really - humpbacks. The coolest thing ever yesterday.
Today, however, totally sucked and the fault lies totally with Horizon Air - avoid them if at all possible. They have no sense of customer service and we spent 10 hours (yes, TEN hours) in the Victoria airport. Dave is writing a letter to them explaining just how unreasonably unhappy they made us and a lot of other passengers. We didn't get back into the States until 9 pm today.
more later


Hooray! We have a winner!

The doll entered into the On My Own Time art show here at the University (see posting on August 3 for picture) won first place in his category! He now goes to the city-wide show at Northpark Mall here in Dallas for a couple of weeks. Hugs - Jo


Latest Art

I finished this 10" doll this weekend. Was tired of beading so decided to use up some paint - painted the doll one day and made the stand the next - Dave cut some scrap 2"x4" and I covered it with glue and tissue paper, then painted it with metallic paint; drilled a hole, put a wire in the doll and glued the wire into the hole. I like her and I received a lot of positive feedback at the Dallas Area Fiber Arts meeting. I have a few more of these "goddess" shaped dolls made now, so I'll make a few more stands and put the pictures up when they are done.
Hugs - Jo


Art Show Entry 2007-The Guardian

Ok - this will be my entry into this year's Own My Own Time Art Show at the University - inspired by a cave drawing of the Taino Indians (the inspiration photo by Dr. Lynne Guitar and more information on the Tainos can be found at http://www.centrelink.org/TainoCaves.htms). He's a little creepy but, I suppose, if someone is supposed to be guarding me, I would want them to be a little scary! It's also the tallest doll I've made to date (24.5") - Jo


Chicago Links

Ok - the pdfs of the Chicago trip have been added to the list - we truly enjoyed visiting with Bess Schulmeister and the some of the members of the Scottish Genealogy Group of the Illinois St. Andrew Society (where Dave taught a workshop on Scottish Heraldry) and we also took the time to locate the burial site of Dave great-grandfather, George J. Lischett. Enjoy the pictures. Hugs Jo



Chicago this past weekend was a blast -
pictures soon...it takes awhile to sort
through 600! I got to go shopping at the quilt store (of course) and Dave's workshop went very well - we had a great time - will post more when the pictures are done.


Even More Links Added

We've added the trip to Vegas in 2005, the trip to Brownwood Texas where Dave lectured in April 2005, the cows in Downtown Dallas, and Shera & Blaine's visit in May 2006. Enjoy. Jo


More Links Added

I've added more pdfs of our trips under the links list to the right - more will be forthcoming! But, my goodness, not only have we traveled a lot...we've taken zillions of pictures! And you said you wanted us to share so we're working on it! As Sunil pointed out to me today, Scotland Part 6 is still missing - sorry about that - my computer crashed about the time I was working on it and by the time I got the laptop replaced, I had already forgotten all about it - so will work on that one as well as finding all of the other trips not yet posted. Hugs to all. Jo


LA and Vegas Trip 6/07

Have now posted link to the latest trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas - it was a great trip and we have a wonderful time - it was especially nice to meet Sondra (Richard's fiance) and it's always great to see Dot and George...and the cats....


Appleton Travel Log - Introduction

This blogspot will allow us to post pictures and notes from our trips someplace other than the Studios website. So stay tuned for updates as we pull our act together and get our past trips posted.

Scotland Trip

Links for the Scotland trip are listed in the links section (to the right). Enjoy!