Slower months and yes, I blame the heat - I mean, who wants to go outside?

Raider, as always doesn't care...
Laying on the guy is a GOOD thing!
Laying by the lady is okay, too!

We met up with other members of the Cedar Hill Genealogy group for dinner - and when we came out there was a complete rainbow! (wasn't where my phone could get the entire thing, though!)

On the 10th,  I met Lu and Julie for lunch and then we all went to the Plano Quilt Show - it was nice and it was wonderful being with and seeing friends -
I took pics of some of my favorite entries and we saw a lot of people we knew.

Later in the month, Val and I had a "crafting day" with Sandi -
it was fun, even if it was a long day -

In September, we only had a few highlights - 

Dave and I went out to dinner at Maggiano's to reward us for a hard day of adultingl A few days later, I got new gloves for colder weather:
We went to the Istanbul Grill for Dave's birthday lunch on the 13th and on the 15th we had Movie Night to celebrate his birthday with friends -
watching "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
Rob has been accepted into the pack, at last!

On the 21st, we were going to the Greek food festival in far North Dallas, but storms were predicted, so we found a Greek restaurant in Cedar Hill that was just as good (we were only going for the food, after all) -
and on the 22nd, our power went out from 1am to 4:15pm, so mid-morning we took ourselves to IHOP for lunch -
and on the 26th, Shera came in to house-sit/dog-sit for us.

Next stop - France!