May 01-19

April 30 and May 1 saw the tree guy take out the lightning-struck tree -
and the 4th was Quilt Guild; inspiring "Show and Tell" as well as some wonderful quilts by our speaker, Dot Collins (check her out, here).
a Show and Tell piece I particularly liked - wished I
had gotten the member's name!
section of one of Dot's quilts
one of Dot's sampler quilts
I spent the next week cleaning up my studio so I could get in there to work -
Look! I can reach the door!
and walk into the room...
and my machine is no longer buried...
and neither is the iron!  Hooray!!
Earlier this week, Rob and Val came over for dinner (yes, I cooked...) and to make patterns for new outfits...Val needs to get them finished before the Memorial Day Weekend SCA event...I had a cutting mat and a clean table...

And I actually finished another heraldic cross-stitch!
Also added ribbons to the blackwork chessboard - now to find/make chess pieces for it...
I made it years ago...
Now - to go find something else to finish...


April 03-30

April was workmen, workmen, workmen- including Dave, who did the pantry (including the doors) and put together all of the furniture...until, finally, the kitchen was finished!
of course, I went to the Quilt Guild meeting and the DAFA meeting - but everything pales in comparison to the finish of the kitchen and having our library and living back to "normal".  We even got art hung on the library walls and the garage hall wall!
now - to start dusting everything!