It was an art-filled month for me!

On the 3rd, the Dallas Quilt Guild hosted Gyleen Fitzgerald (her website here) - she now presents as a Modern Quilter, but, to me, she's a Traditional-With-A-Twist kind of quilter. Her stuff is marvelous, of course, and her presentation had us in stitches (as it were - did you see what I did there? get it? stitches...).  The phone pics are a little pixilated but you get an idea of the quilt...the two more-solid pics were taken after the presentation with several of her quilts on a table...

Dave's had fun with glasses this month:
his new half-glasses for working at the computer
Just the facts, ma'am.
 On the 12th was the Plano Quilt Show, where I ran into Denise, Carol, and Carolyn.  It was nice seeing the show with friends!

Afterwards, we went to Carolyn's house and celebrated Denise's birthday.

Dave has still been taking pictures from his office window - I found this FB post very funny and true!
On the 19th, I joined a group of SAQA members at the Dallas Museum of Art for the Iris Van Herpen  Transforming Fashion exhibit (her website).  It was more sculpture than fashion (to me) because in these originals no one could even sit down! I have noticed on the internet, however, that commercial versions of some of them have been produced (in cottons and polyesters, no less). These are only three pieces (of 46) from the exhibit (we are talking plastic, 3D printing and metal, people!)
We then went to Lark in the Park for brunch - honestly - best Eggs Benedict I have ever had!
Toasted English Muffin, Avocado, Tomato, Eggs
served with potatoes
On the 21st, the eclipse was fun (we only got about 85% coverage) - the leaves on our Oak tree acted like pinhole cameras!

On the 24th I went to Arlington for the Sew Expo which was combined with a Quilt Show from 6 guilds - My favorite quilt was the Dear Jane by Susan Alotto - it only took her 13 years to make it!

My Art for the month (I was very productive!):

I felt like doing more handwork this month, so I selected this book from my shelf:
It is fun working my way through, and while I'm not sure what to do with them yet (except the shell pincushion), I look forward to making more projects from the book.
small gift bag
small gift bag
small bag (fish is a small pocket)
small gift bag
temari ball
front and back of seashell pincushion:

front and back of small (might hold a bracelet) gift bag:
Also made a little bag out of some scrap lace that my friend Jules dyed:
and notecards for CC Young to use (DAFA community project) - made a lot more than this, but took these pictures so I would have a ready reference if I wanted to do more...