MAY 2017

Wow. Time flies quickly. I like this blogging once per month - I don't feel guilty if I haven't written anything and I can add to the post as I can - sweet!

The month started with the Quilt Guild meeting - presentation was by Mary Lou Weidman (www.marylouquiltdesigns.com) - very creative and fun -

On the 6th, Dave and I went to Fair Park to see Lisa Covert's show -
It was beautiful and I was so happy to see a good contingent from the Fiber Artists!
Lisa and me
DAFA members
We also went to a couple of estate sales during the month (looking for just the right piece of art for the living room), but I was the only winner - scored a couple of cool quilts and a wonderful sewing box!
Mr. R checking it out...

Art for the month -

Made a postcard for Lu using some of the scraps she had given me -

Spent some time using shibori techniques with Tsuniko ink -
and I attended the monthly SAQA meeting at Jules' house, where we spent most of the day using powder reactive dyes - such fun! (I didn't take my camera because I was certain I would get it covered in dye and my phone had almost no battery power left!)
photo by Deborah Boshert
photo by Jaye Dodd
photo by Jaye Dodd
photo by Jaye Dodd
photo by Deborah Boshert
My results of the day, in addition to the navy one above:
I love the vibrancy of the powdered dyes, but (due to space), I'll stick to the small container dying for now...

and last, but not least...
#30 Heraldic Cross-stitch chart
#31 Heraldic Cross-stitch chart