August 15 (2) Dalmeny Kirk

Dalmeny Kirk is a Romanesque 12th century church in Dalmeny Village.
The stained glass windows were given by a Polish officer, Lt. Col. Stanislaw Sokolowski, in memory of his mother who died in Poland.  He was stationed near Dalmeny during WWII.  The windows were designed by Lalia Dickson.

Madonna & Child
St. Theresa of Poland
St. Margaret of Scotland
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August 15 - traveling to Dalmeny Village

on the road to Dalmeny Village (about 8 miles outside of Edinburgh)...


August 14 (3) - Dumfries House

The next stop was about 15 miles from Alloway - again, a few things caught my eye...
because of so much rain, the haybales were wrapped in plastic...

The Dumfries lands were originally those of the Craufurds of Lefnories - when they ran out of money around 1630, the lands were bought by the Cunninghams of Caprington and then by the Crichtons (Earls of Dumfries).  Dumfries House was built in 1754/5 and many of the original furnishings are still in the house.  This is due in no small part to HRH Prince Charles Duke of Rothesay who greatly assisted in saving the house etc. from being sold off in 2007.
No photos were allowed inside the house...not sure why...it was impressive but, honestly, I can't tell you a Chippendale from John Doe...a table is a table...and they certainly had a lot of stuff...maybe it was a security thing...if you are interested, there are images of some of the rooms on the internet...

but I did enjoy the garden - even though the temperatures have been hovering around 65oF, the flowers were still beautiful, although many were on the way out...
It was a long day - and took about an hour to get back to Glasgow.
When we got back, we had dinner with friends and called it a night.