Friday Quilt Show

Last Friday, Val and I went to the Fort Worth Quilt Guild Show - it was a small show, and just the right size for a morning outing.  I move slowly and Val is still in rehab for her knee surgeries, so it was a perfect fit!

I didn't take my camera, but did have my phone, so I took some pictures of things that caught my attention.  I forgot to note the names of the quilters, however, and can only identify a few of them from the program.  I need to remember to take pictures of the tags before I take pictures of the quilts!
The small bow ties made great use of scraps.
This one may have been My Scrapbook of American Quilts by Dollie Blevins.  It certainly looks like each block is a small version of a full-sized traditional-pattern quilt.
Happy by Rosemary Switzer and quilted by Neva Muirhead.  
What a great name for such a fun quilt! 
It made both Val and I smile.
This is Jacob's Dragon by Shelley Clauss.
I took this to remind me that not all pattern 
pieces need to be the same type of fabric.
Not only did this one make wonderful 
use of scraps, it looks like a basketweave 
(you may have to enlarge the photo)!
It was nice to see my friend Sara Miller there with her booth (SewInspired) - I have all of her templates...
 We didn't get to visit at last week's DAFA meeting, so it was nice to spend some time with her!
Farm Animals on Parade - another one by Dollie Blevins
This one was my personal favorite.
Still Crazy After All these Years by Patti Ford
What a wonderful collection!
I don't usually pay attention to cat quilts, but
this one made me think of my mother-in-law; I knew she would love it...
While Val isn't a quilter, she said she found lots of inspiration.  So I guess the show accomplished one of it's missions!
This one made me think of my mother - I had a quilt that had the embroidered flower basket on it (I have no idea what happened to it) - and the flower basket is one of the first patterns I ever embroidered when she was teaching me that skill
I thought it was also a wonderful use of vintage handkerchiefs!
This was even bolder in person than in the photograph.
I thought it a clever use of commercial panels,
but I'm not sure I could get to sleep with it in the room!

After a couple of hours at the show, we went over to Sushi Tao for a Japanese-style lunch.  It was delicious and I want to go there with Dave some time.

All in all, it was a good day!