On Memorial Day

Yesterday's Memorial Day service by the Sons of Union Veterans was held in Fort Worth at the Oakwood Cemetery, which is just across the river from downtown. It's the location of the monument to the Grand Army of the Republic. While the ceremony honors all veterans it makes special note of the Civil War ancestors of the members of the Sons. And, just like on Saturday, the artillary was there.
Afterwards, everything got loaded back up...
and about 30 of us headed over to Joe T. Garcia's - a great restaurant with good food and good atmosphere.
The weather turned out beautifully and turned the glass buildings of downtown into giant reflectors.
All of this was followed by an afternoon and evening of sharing hamburgers and hot dogs with friends, and having a small game night, it was a great day!


Memorial for All Veterans - Springtown, Texas

The Sons of Union Veterans joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans to honor all those fallen in battle during our country's history - it was a good ceremony and the weather held, so while it was hot and muggy, it didn't rain.
 Amazingly, when you shoot off cannons, the cops always show up!  So I was able to add to my collection of "photos with policemen around the world" (I like it even better than the "men at work" collection).


More little things..

Dave finished up taking his father's military service medals (WWII and Korea) and his grandfather's military service medals (Mexican border service and WWI) out of their old dilapidated frames and placed into new ones, and up on the "family military service wall" in the living room; and he added his father's stripes to his memorial shadow box (the one on the right).

It's a nice memorial.


Little things

make for big improvements -

Dave put another shelf in the upstairs hall closet, so now it holds the Christmas decorations (top shelf), empty notebooks for future use, the not-white printer paper, and our luggage.
So much better.  It previously looked like it belonged to Fibber McGee (if you don't know who that is, look it up...).

In the guest room, moving one of the bookcases and adding a navy cover on the futon makes the room begin to look a little less hodge-podge...
Now, to finish up the scrapbooking project so I can clean the desk area, put the scanner/printer back up on the desk and that stack (visible on the left) will be gone.  The whole room will look better and I can spend all of my time in the studio!


Dave says...

"One of the things that I've learned to like about retirement is that now, every day is "Bring Your Dog to Work Day." (Raider had taken to lying on the floor next to my desk chair, so I brought up his bed from downstairs - since he never uses it there - and he seems quite comfortable and content now, as you can see.)"


Did I mention?

Retirement is everything and more than I could wish.  

When I'm not in my studio, or meeting friends for lunch/guild meetings, I'm working on redoing most of the scrapbooks in the house.  All of the ones from my Mom, and some of my own, are/were falling apart and my Mom never considered archive-quality pages.

So - here I sit at my desk listening to Flower-Power internet radio, with this kind of view:
and, since the weather is so awesome, the window is open and the breeze is blowing in nicely.

When I'm not looking out the window, the view of my desk is usually something like this:
Nothing fancy - just acid-free pages and mounting squares. I'm adding dates, descriptions and names as I go (something Mom's books severely lacked) and I'm also scanning everything.

So it's slow going, but will totally be worth it when I'm finished.

Of course, I often have help:
Here he's wondering why I'm not letting him sit in my lap...

As for Dave's retirement, it looks pretty much like this when he's not in the yard or working in the house (on the house):
All in all...pretty great!


For Mother's Day

To celebrate, Dave and I went with Valerie, Rob, Alexander and Zamora to see Captain America: Civil War...in other words, Val and I had a Marvel-ous Mother's Day...
get it?  MARVEL-ous???
Then we all went out to lunch at Spring Creek Barbeque...no pics...it's hard to remember to take pictures when you're hungry!


On Mother's Day

Frankie C. Hughes Armistead

Dorothy Emerson Appleton
Still going strong!



at The Antiques Roadshow...
May the Fourth Be With You...