Maybe I picked the right phone after all...
I mean, they all make phone calls, right?


Walker Pockets and Sons Activities...

I finished up walker pockets for my mother-in-law and for my friend Valerie.  The basket on Mom's walker is low in front and this will give her pockets that will be easier to reach for smaller stuff; and Val's walker has storage under the seat, again, not always convenient.  They are both highly partial to cats (yes, my MIL is an original Cat Lady) so Dave purchased some cat fabric for me to use.  The finished projects have two lace-front pockets on the front side and a large pocket on the back.  I didn't have a walker to model them on, so I just tied them to the back of our kitchen chairs.
Now that I have the dimensions, I'll pass the pattern on to Thelma, since she expressed an interest in making a lot of the pockets for the Senior Center.

Dave has been busy with the Sons of Union Veterans - this past Saturday he went to join in the Weatherford Veteran's Day Parade.  I asked him to have someone take a picture with his phone, so I could post it.  Instead, he took a picture and sent it to me...kind of defeated the purpose of getting a picture of him in the parade...oh well.
But, that's okay, since I got lots of pictures yesterday at the annual Massing of the Colors in Fort Worth.  It's always a touching service and wonderful to see all of the cadets and different organizations that participate.
The Frontier Band is wonderful and knows every marching song (just a guess on my part!)
I'm always impressed with the cadets
I tried to move so it would look like the guy behind them was standing on Dave's shoulder, but I wasn't quick enough!
It's always a service I enjoy - speeches are short, hymns are ones you know, the guy who recites the Gettysburg Address is enthusiastic, prayers are succinct.  And all the flags make it really pretty.