Byrne Memorial

Every August, the local camp of the Sons of Union Veterans gather to rededicate the grave of General Byrne, a New York General from the Civil War who died here in Texas in 1880 (killed by Apache renegades) while on a stagecoach in Quitman, Texas.

It was a small, but nice service...
Words were said, prayers were said, Taps was played and it wasn't unbearably hot (for a change).

And afterwards, we all went out for lunch...

Nice way to spend a Saturday morning!


Summer Fun

Is this what they mean by dog days of Summer?
Mid-July I moved downstairs to, once again, sew scraps together...earlier this year I bought a Hello Kitty machine to take to workshops since it's lightweight and wasn't very expensive and I thought I would test it out...
And I have plenty of scraps to test it out on!
So far, so good - it does have some idiosyncrasies, but I'm learning to recognize the signs and I've only had to open it up once to clear out thread that became wrapped around a gear.

And progress is being made: