Our two days of Winter are here...sleet...Thundersleet (what a great name for a grunge band...)...

Little boy-dog is okay with it as long as nothing is actively falling from the sky...





Finished, at last....
Quilted Blackwork Gameboard
13.5" w x 15" h
Begun who knows when and finished 2/10/15 - not perfect, but finished!

Not sure what will happen to this one yet...


Another M-Q

By now, I guess it's obvious that I'm determined to finish up pieces that have been trapped in my studio, some of them for years.  My original designs will go up on my Etsy store (eventually), those started in Dallas Quilt Guild-sponsored workshops will be donated to the DQG auction at the March 2015 or 2016 shows.  I'm particularly pleased that this one is finished -
Making Headway
10.5" x ~8.5"
Fish painted on silk during Ginny Eckley workshop 1/24/09 using fish template designed by Eckley.
Hand-stitched with cotton threads on silk, painted with Seta Color.

Maybe when the Studio gets more organized I'll find the other one (I know there were two of them, one going in each direction)...



I have to admit, they do go faster if I choose not to work white backgrounds!