and a few more

Took a break from sewing scraps and finished piecing a few jelly rolls -

Two more basted and ready to quilt -

and two more ready for ironing...

I originally thought that the one-stripe flimsy would be the back for the three-stripe...but, seen in person, the single stripe one may make a nice quilt all on it's own after quilting is added...I'll have to decide after ironing them - since these are ~42", ironing is as long a task as basting...

Wow.  Wonder what I'll be able to produce once I talk myself back into an eight-hour work day!


Two more...

I was correct - there were two crib-sized quilts from my S-a-P jelly roll...
All basted and ready to quilt - and there's at least 1/3 of another one still on the roll...

Since I prefer the quilting part in cooler weather, I guess it's back to sewing more scraps together...
...in between putting together a couple of more tops that are in various stages of construction!  



Summer in Texas usually means I have to move downstairs to the corner of the living room and this year is no exception. 

In between working on a remaining obligation, it's time for Scrap-a-Palooza!!!

I don't like wasting anything, so that means I keep all of my scraps.  Yes - all of them...even the threads (those will get used as well later).  S-a-P happens at least three times a year or else I'd be buried in scraps.

I take the odd-sized scrap pieces of fabric, such as this pile:
and cut most of it up into sized squares and rectangles:
These are useful as projects come along.

But then that leaves a box of smaller scraps:
These then get sewn together higgidly-piggidly and cut up into standard sized squares (the tiny-tiny pieces and threads get put into another pile for later use):
These are then sewn together with a buffer strip in between the squares (from a jelly roll or strips from other left-over fabric):

Then everything gets pressed to flatten out some of those pesky seams -
This is in spite of the help from my lovely assistant:
So, when all of the squares in the box are sewn with strips, you end up with a large, unique jelly roll:
Photos can be deceiving - this roll is almost a foot across - I should be able to get at least two scrap-top crib quilts out of this!



I have almost got the hang of this setting your own schedule thing...I do consider the day a success at this point if I manage not to fall back asleep as soon as Dave is out the door to work!

Among the things I thought most about while I was in the hospital (besides the food at Boston Market), were the items in my studio that needed to be completed and given back (or sent on...) - what I think of as items I am obligated to finish.

Many months ago, I picked up a bag of Covers for Kids quilts from the Quilt Guild - someone else made the tops, someone else quilted them, and now someone needed to add the binding.  Easy enough in my spare time (insert laugh track here...).  I remember someone asking "are you sure you want to do all of those?" and I replied "well, sure.  it's not like I have to bring them back by next meeting!" and we all laughed.

Teach me.

Well, I thought there were only three in the bag.  Turns out, there were six!  Oh well.  They are done now and I can turn them in at the August meeting.
Also, when my great-nephew was born, I started a quilt for him.  Well...now he's over a year old and the crib quilt will have to be a nap quilt and lap throw for movie night!  But it's now finished as well -
I hate taking pictures of things by standing over them...it always screws up the perspective - this quilt is not square, but rectangular and it's far more even on the edges than it looks.

It's the only time I've ever purchased fabric deliberately for a crib quilt (the cost is usually just too prohibitive for designer fabrics) but I saw the fabric I used on the back and fell for it...it was just too cute and then I had to buy a jelly roll (pre-cut, color-coordinated strips rolled up) in coordinating colors.  I went for a wonky strip assembly to avoid having to match seams.

Not perfect, but finished.  So I'll have to send it off soon.

Whew.  At least I don't have to think about those things any more.