Have A Great New Year's Eve!

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve and that 2014 is everything you could wish for!


Christmas Day

I'm sure the excitement level isn't the same as when they were kids, but it was still fun to see everyone open their presents!
Before everyone was awake....
Megan liked her new PJs so much, she went and put them on....
and then totally rocked the new fashion statement!
The afternoon was spent with some of us watching "Lincoln" (starring DD Lewis & Sally Field) while others slept - (for that vision, go back to the pictures from Christmas Eve)...followed by another movie...

And then Grandpa Dave made Lamb with rice and chick peas - YUM!  Absolutely no leftovers!

Dinner was followed by the new Dr. Who episode with the bonus regeneration for a new Dr. Who and then bedtime because everyone had to leave very early the next day.

We're so glad they came for Christmas - but it's going to make for a very quiet New Year's Eve!


Christmas Eve

It was so much fun having Shera and her family come to our house for the holiday!

They were so high maintenance - if you had joined us, this is what you would have seen:
We had a great time - Dave made Christmas Crack -
and we all proceeded to go into sugar overload as we constantly ate it...

Christmas Eve, our local kids stopped in to meet their siblings and cousins, so I was able to get a picture of all of our grandchildren & one great-grandchild that were in town!
And that Miss Lili - what a gift!

I think she was finished with picture-taking!
Of course, I consider all of our kids and grandkids gifts - God was very very good to me!

I'll add pictures of Christmas Day when Dave sends them on to me - my camera battery died, so Grandpa had to take over!

It was a wonderful Holiday for us - we LOVED having the Hawkes visit and hope they come back soon!
Of course, I can't tell if Roxie feels the same way...I think she was very tolerant of so many people in her house!


Merry Holly Ho-Ho-Ho!

The Department pot-luck was, once again, mind-blowingly good!  I looked AND felt like a Weeble afterwards...
we all decided to wear red!
This past weekend we started getting the house ready for Holiday company!

We're ready...bring it on!!


Sunday's Adventure...

Yep...ice still here...
none of that is snow...it's all ice...
not that the birds seem to mind

I just hope our bushes survive!
so - in spite of that and the fact that our driveway and streets are ice, Himself decided the grocery store run would be made as usual - I went along so I'd know which ditch he ended up in...
all ice, baby!
hmmm...that's uphill, isn't it?
Cedar Ridge...after we finally wound our way out of the neighborhood - which took a while....
our goal...oh, look...more people who felt the need!
we're glad they came to work, even if they aren't! 
while we're out...right?

going home the back way - on our street but after several tries, this hill was winning 
so Himself spread out almost an entire container of cat litter... 
our goal...30 feet past that mailbox on the right....
shoot...missed it by that much!
couldn't make the turn into the driveway...
Dave's spreading more cat litter so he could bring in the groceries!
Think I'll settle down for some hot chocolate...

Don't know what we're going to do about work tomorrow...


'Tis the Season Once Again!

Ok - so far, nothing finished to photo and show on the art front - and nothing exciting to post about getting up and going to work!

Thank Heavens, it Holiday Time!!

Thanksgiving was nice and quiet and Dave treated me well by doing all the cooking!  

And we've started the holiday party rounds here at work -
first up - the Department Admins had to start early by going out Wednesday (it was the only time we could find when we'd all be in town) - thanks to Haidee there were pictures... (I know, I know - what WAS I thinking to not have my camera!)
Me, Olivia and Theresa take time to pose with the poinsettias
Someone was passing by, so Haidee was able to get in the picture, too!
We were able to get Crispin and Darlene while we waited for food...
my steak was delicious!!
in the gift exchange, I truly SCORED!!!
Fabric "Jelly Rolls"!!
and we were able to get a waiter to take a group shot outside

Speaking of Seasons - this is what we woke up to this morning:

The roads are so icy that there was no going into work today - so I'm working from home and Dave is getting caught up on stuff.

Maybe I'll "leave work" a little early and pop into my studio and get something fun done...

Shhh - don't tell...