Spring has Sprung

At least, the backyard irises have so proclaimed - there were two (seen here) - to begin with...

And more soon followed!
So - the weather has warmed up, the irises are blooming but there are no leaves on the trees yet...what screwy seassons!

For once, I was able to capture Ms. Roxie as she was out and about because she was distracted by the smells of Spring...
Did you call me?

What's that smell?
Guy! - Guy!  Let me in!
She's got that thing!
Wait - what's that smell?
Are you still looking at me?
I don't need any of you people...I'm outta here...


Scanning old photos

I still miss those boots...
and, even though the picture is faded, 
it was taken in color -
the skirt is a red plaid
and the boots are red.
And I slept in them.


2/11-2/13 Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday

Monday -
Dave spent the day with his Mom (picking up things in the yard, changing heater filters, starting the cleanup in the garage, etc.) and I had a day of rest which included room service; after he returned to the hotel we went to dinner, just the two of us - so nice!  I love date nights!  We ate at the Asian restaurant in the hotel, which was really worth the trip downstairs.  No pictures for Monday.

Tuesday -
Dave picked up Jeni and they spent a couple of hours at Mom's and then Mom decided she wanted to go too and have an early dinner with us and to take Jeni back to the airport...
only a few pics for Tuesday -
Mom, after dinner -
she wanted a "head shot"
A couple of silhouettes on the way to the airport - slightly out of focus when you get large, but should do nicely for some studio projects I have planned...

And, of course, a shot of the hotel...you know, the one with the big light...

Wednesday -
It was a beautiful day to fly - after breakfast, we headed to the airport...this is the first time in a long time that we could see anything from the air - Dave got a great shot of Hoover Dam and we both got great shots of the Grand Canyon...these are a few of my favorites...
Vegas, Baby!
Hoover Dam!
Can you tell when we were back over North Texas?