Note re March 9th:

There have been about 514 Leap Years since Caesar created it in 45 BC.  Without the extra day every 4 years, March 9th would have been July 28, 2013.

Also, the Mayan calendar did not account for Leap Year.

That means, technically, that the world should have ended 7 months ago.

So now we can stop worrying about the end of the world and get on with our lives.

Whew...what a load off!


My Albany Quilt

What a treasure I gave myself this Quilt Show:

1890 - most likely from the Albany NY area - I am very much looking forward to researching and documenting this lovely and large (over 72" each side...) work (there are dozens of names) - I expect there's a book in it...


Come join me!

3/9-3/11 - Market Hall - Dallas, Texas

It's gonna be a blast!