Increasing stash...

Nope - didn't go buy any more...but I did alter some of what I had.  A while back someone cleaned out their closet and gave me a medium package of white even-weave fabric (e.g. Hardanger cross-stitch) that had been in the package so long, I was pretty sure I'd never get those folds out...so I just cut it along the folds, giving myself pieces of fabric 4" to 6" wide; I also had some leftover gray fabric - so I cut it along the folds, too...and then I got out the paints and inks and stencils and stamps...and had a blast.  Not only are the resulting pieces cool, but I can use the images on paper or other fabric over and over again after the original piece has been used...did I mention I love the digital age?  Here's a few of the results:

And - even cooler - the paper towels that were underneath them turned out great, too! and they are 12" wide...
Too cool - I can hardly wait to use them!



Dear Jo Appleton,

Thanks for sending in your project for The Sketchbook Project: 2012! We just wanted to let you know that your project has now been cataloged into the Brooklyn Art Library! It can be found on the shelves with a call number of 151.13-10.
Please stay tuned for more details about the project.
The Art House Librarian Robot
Art House Co-op
Hooray!! And it should be digitized within a few months as well!  Whew.  Next time I send it Fed Ex!  Since we mailed it well before the 1/31 deadline and we hadn't heard anything, I was a little worried!!

Wish I had a robot to do MY email!!