'Tis the Season

Our Department Holiday Luncheon this year was a good time!
(All photos by Haidee Tieng...I decided to leave my camera at home this time!)

Olivia and I

Yolanda, Vivian and Darlene

Leticia, Tracy, Angela and Casandra
Happy Holidays from the Administrative Staff
of the Biochemistry Department at UT Southwestern!


DMA, Fashion and Art

Met friends at the Dallas Museum of Art yesterday - and we had a blast!
Mary, Dot and Lu
(I need to work with Dot on having her picture made...)
The Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit is FABULOUS!  What an out-there creative genius -
There was an amazing collection of his fashion - including the following (all fashion pictures from the Internet - no pics in the museum, of course...):
one of my two favorite - this looks simple at first glance,
but the more you look, the more complex it becomes
never has tape-lace looked so astounding -
another one of my favorites (it is floor-length)
-also a great example of how much thought he puts
into the headgear as well as the outfit...
my choice for oddest...mostly because I just didn't get it...
and there was plenty of strange to choose among...
at the DMA show the mannequin also had a cane...
my personal overall favorite -
to take such a classic prom dress style and to tweak it!
The workmanship on the boudoir pieces were amazing - most of which aren't suitable for showing on a family-friendly blog...
and yes, this is the man who worked with Madonna and brought you those famous cone-shapes!

The show was extremely well done and very over-stimulating, but a pleasure to see and it was great to share it with friends who are into fiber and fashion.

We went out the side entrance to the museum so we could stop at the Nasher gift shop, and to our delight, the trees had been lace-bombed!

What a good day.

As for my art:  Today I finished the piece for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative - I'm proud of it and hope it brings in money for Alzheimer's research...

Now it's time to go see what's next on the list...who knows?  It might be nap!