Happy Birthday, Dave (last Tuesday!)

Last Tuesday was Dave's birthday - but, being working folk, we delayed the celebration to yesterday - we and our friends Val & Rob took ourselves to Local - Tracy Miller's fabulous restaurant in Deep Ellum;  the restaurant is in the Boyd Hotel, (Local site says built 1908, a Texas history site say 1911 & the city's site says 1916) which the website says was a stopover for Bonnie & Clyde - but I find it more impressive that it was where black jazz musicians stayed when they came down to play in the many nightclubs in that area of Dallas (picture from internet):

The Texas History site had the following to say:

How cool is that?  And the food was, as expected, AMAZING!!!  Dave selected lamb medallions w/polenta :
and I selected beef w/grits: 
 (thanks, Val! She was prepared to take pictures!)
Val chose the salmon, and Rob chose the halibut.  All equally incredible.

Dessert was just as phenomenal - a small hot fudge sundae for Rob (did I mention they make all of their own ice cream?), a Bing cherry concoction for me, banana pudding (w/homemade vanilla wafers) for Val and for Dave, a collection of chocolate items complete with a small birthday candle:

We plan to go back soon - this has become my personal new favorite restaurant in Dallas now that York Street closed down (the chef/owner there got bored and decided to go do something else...)...

If you get the chance...check it out!


American Heart Weekend

The University had a huge participation in the American Heart Walk this weekend (UT had around 800 walkers and someone said we had raised over $30,000...) and it was a blast!
All the photos I took can be seen on my Flickr site... 


Great Weekend!

Whew...the weather has finally given us a break - it's so nice outside, we have the windows open!! Hurray!! Let's hope it stays this way for awhile (and some rain would be nice...I'm just saying...).

The weekend has been great -

Thursday was Quilter's Guild, where my friend Deborah Boshert gave the presentation...we've missed her since she moved to Maryland!  She presented the works of the TwelveXTwelve group that she's been participating in for about five years. 

Very wonderful and very inspirational.

And she was able to sell their book after the lecture (Michelle and Lu helped at her table...)...

On Friday, Deborah taught a workshop on working in a series - I think I came up with some small pieces that will work well together (someday!)...

And on Saturday, Michelle hosted a great small get-together so we could visit with Deborah and each other and just eat and talk about art and eat some more (Kudos to JoAnn Musso for the chocolate bark...it was awesome! and the fresh cherries, Dot - yummy...and all the other wonderful things)...I know you won't believe it, but I had such a good time, I forgot to take pictures!!

Yesterday was spent catching up on genealogy stuff and the latest Cover for Kids quilt...nothing to show yet...

And did I mention it was such beautiful weather we have the windows open??? Hope it lasts....