Last Saturday was too pretty a day to stay indoors, so Dave and I decided to cruise an estate sale down in the Design District before we went shopping for new shoes for Himself.  And we both scored big-time - the warehouses that were having the sales were full of antiques, with corresponding dealers, so Dave was able to market his "let me identify those coats-of-arms for you" skills, as well as get some pictures of heraldry that I'm sure will show up on his blog eventually (remember...it's everywhere...).  And one of the warehouses had a room FULL of the fabric sample books that is such a great resource for fiber artists, so...I filled up the van.
After that, we went to lunch and out to the Rockport store for his shoes. 

When we got home, the pile looked a little more manageable:
But it took the rest of Saturday, and all day Sunday to make it neater for storage and usage (you have to take the books apart because they are just too bulky to store or carry around):

And there are some left over to share with my friends in the fiber arts group...

All in all - a great score!


59 and Going...

Never liked the phrase "and holding..." - implies no movement!  So I'm sticking with 59 and going...on new adventures with Dave, exploring new restaurants (and some old ones), to see family and friends, to visit places we've never been and to spend more time in my studio.

I'm proud to be 59 (beats the alternative!).

Don't have a picture of me taken today, but this one will work - taken by Caroline Skei at the last DAFA meeting a couple of weeks ago, it shows me in one of my favorite activites -   catching up with a close friend and learning a new art technique:
Connie and I learned how to add foiled texture to fabric - I think mine turned out pretty cool:
Here's looking forward to the next year!


Sunday Stash

Collected over the last few weeks - Yum!


Quilt Show - Keeper Quilts

Deborah got a shot of me writing on fabric while in her workshop, and posted it on her blog, so I thought I would share...
Her blog is one that I read on a very regular basis - even if she weren't a friend of mine, it's one of those blogs I just enjoy.

Now - back to the Quilt show -

I really can't share all of the wonderful pictures I got of such inspiring quilts, but I will share one more set - A cool result of all of the block contests each year are the resulting finished quilts - after the show, someone in the Guild volunteers to design a quilt around the submitted blocks and someone else often quilts it etc. - these are placed into the Keeper Collection that belongs to the Guild and are used for various displays and Guild promotions.  Some of the ones that were included in this year's Show are among my favorites -


Just think of all the people it took to make these quilts happen!