Flighty Friday

Our Friday itinerary included these lovely vacation spots:

Frontiers of Flight has a lot of things to see:
but of all of the items in the museum, the kids seemed to like this the best...
watching the planes come and go at Love Field!
But no matter where I go, I find great graphics!

Here's your moment of Zen:


Thursday at the Aquarium

We love it when the kids and grandkids visit!  Shera, Blaine, Christian, Tiersa and Megan included us in their vacation plans !
and the Dallas World Aquarium was on their list of places to go......which is mostly like going to a Zoo...it was a fun time!
- it's one of our favorite places - they have birds...
and mammals...
and, of course, reptiles and fish and amphibians...

and now, for your moment of Zen...


Quilty Weekend

Spent the day yesterday putting together the blocks for one of the Alternative Covers for Alternative Kids (AC4AC) - it's not very alternative...you have to look closely to see the flaming quitars..but it isn't Disney either!  Got it put together and basted, so now it's ready for quilting...
and today I managed to piece these blocks for the next AC4AC...will probably put these together with black sashing..
So now I'll go downstairs and pin on a binding on one of the covers made by someone else (some people put together covers and then someone else quilts them and then someone else binds them)...there is nothing wrong with their covers for kids...they are very sweet and it was a wonderful thing for them to volunteer their time and fabric to put together a quilt for a sick kid.  But can you see the difference between mine and theirs?


Unnerving facts...

I took a minute and looked up info about my date of birth...and here's what I found:

Things I already knew...

     * You were born on a Monday (I knew that - it was Easter Monday, in fact...Mama rarely let me forget that she was in labor all of Easter Sunday....)
* Your star sign is Aries 
* Your birthstone is Diamond

 * The season was Spring 

     * You were born in the Chinese year of the Dragon

     * Truman was president

Things I didn't know...

     * In dog years you are 406 years old
     * You are approximately 508,649 hours old
     * You are approximately 1,831,137,312 seconds old

406 years?  by now, over 2 billion seconds???

Ugh.  no wonder it's hard to get up in the morning!


Asian Fusion Celebration

In the on-going celebration of my birthday, friends took me out to The Mint, a very trendy Asian Fusion restaurant and now, one of my favorite places...we got there just after they opened for lunch; by the time we left, the place was packed.

We started out with The Mint Platter: A sample plate of chicken satay, fresh summer rolls, and crispy vegetable dumplings with 3 sauces (peanut, soy, and cucumber).

and then I had the Ginger Chicken with Jasmine Rice
followed by the House Signature dessert - Green Tea Ice Cream Cake..

And they all made me an ATC for presents!  I LOVE having friends to exchange art with!!!
And ATCs are such wonderful pieces of small art...
(ATCs clockwise from upper left: Dot Clarke, Michelle Knoezer, Deborah Boschert, and Karen Chaussabel)

Too cool.

(Karen, Deborah, me, Dot, and Michelle)

And then I went back to work - but it was a great time!



Happy Birthday to Me!!

Wednesday the 14th was my birthday - woo hoo!  I always say that birthdays are great, because they sure beat the alternative!!  I went to lunch with friends on the day, but Dave and I waited until this Saturday to celebrate.

We went to a couple of our favorite antique malls and out to lunch.

We chose Sangria for lunch - it was on our list of places to try and we had a gift card; a combination I find compelling. 

I gave it a 3-star rating and Dave says I have to explain my rating system...

first of all, anything to be rated (movies, restuarants, books, etc.) always gets 1 star for not being the movie, "Robin Hood Men in Tights".  I long ago decided that was one of the worst movies ever made and easily serves as a lowest-star bench mark (it has a rating of 0 stars)...the 3 dip trio was fabulous, so it got another star, the shrimp weren't all cooked evenly and the couscous was soggy from the sauce, so it lost a star, but then the baklava totally redeemed it, so it gained back a star and the waitstaff and ambiance were pleasant, so it got the third star.

Unlike some of my foodie friends, I'm still not in the habit of taking pictures before I start to eat the dish, but at least I remembered before I finished them off!
(it should read labneh with sumac, pencil asparagus...) and baklava for dessert!

There is always fun stuff to see in the antique malls...

I spent today making Artist Trading Cards with a Dia de los Muertos theme...I love sewing quilt blocks together - it feels very productive - but it doesn't always feel creative, so I spent some time just playing: making a base fabric with stiff pellon in the middle instead of regular batting (skulls on one side, scraps on the other; then adding some stitches, and then cutting it up into 2.5"x3.5" pieces.
It made for a lot of card bases!  I then added themed images and some more decorative stitches and the only thing left is to add my name on the back and sew on a few embellishments!
So now it's off to watch a movie!      What a great weekend.