June 2019

June was busy -

Reid and I went to the Weaver's Conference over in Fort Worth (just the vendors and the exhibit) - lots of goodies and temptations -
 But I managed to buy just a necklace and a purse - neither were expected, but both were cool...

While in the exhibit room, I got into conversation with another attendee - turns out she was looking for a loom and I was looking to sell mine! Worked out great for both of us - she came by a couple of weeks later and took it apart and away -
Goodbye, Fanny.  You were much loved and you are missed.

Dave got around to hanging the tapestry we purchased at Canterbury Cathedral...

I went to the Quilt Guild meeting, where Carol Morrissey (www.ocaroldesigns.com) gave a wonderful talk and showed off some of her quilts - here are a few of my favorites:
 Amazing, right?

Val and I went to DAFA, after stopping for dinner with friends..

We heard an amazing artist, who cuts into books, creating the most fabulous sculptures - dang it, I can't find my notes and can't remember his name...

While I stayed home and (once again) cleaned the studio, Dave went to an SCA heraldic conference where he attended lectures -
 ..Gave a couple of talks -
 And worked his table, selling his heraldic books, charts, etc.
 I'm happy that someone posted pics of him, so I could include them in my post!

And, as always, all month - Raider was too cute to be believed...